Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Good afternoon, and Happy Easter to ya'll! Man I haven't done anything on here in over a week, now I know why it always takes Becky so long to do updates on her blog, it seems like something is constantly going on and this gets put on the back burner. Anyway I have a few minutes now, and figured I would get on here, nothing in particular has been going on too much lately. Becky and the kids went to MI for about 10 days so I'm holding down the fort here in NC, it's been nice and quiet, but I found myself having conversations with the sided of course! I went deep sea fishing all day on Saturday, it was neat, even though I'm not really into fishing that much, I did end up catching the big fish of the day, well it took 2 of us and a 20 minute fight, but we brought in a 70+ pound Wahoo! I never heard of them either, but it put up a hell of a fight, it worked me over good, I had to get relieved by my buddy King...and he was then worn out when the fish was brought on deck. I never imagined it would be that hard, they make it look a lot easier on TV! I will have pics up as soon as I can get some, might be a while.

Anyway, just wanted to say Happy Easter to everyone...Bec, Jacq, Matt, and Caders...I love ya'll and hope you have a great safe!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Welcome to the Family

I just wanted to say congratulations to my brother Bryan, and sister in law Noel, their daughter Celeste Lynne Wisniewski was born last Saturday.


Sports Rivalries

As I sat watching the Nationwide race yesterday in my NC home it became appearent during every commercial break that here in NC there was some big basketball game later in the evening. Hell, there was even a ticker at the bottom of the screen that had a "countdown to tip off" time. Before I continue I must point out that I don't care for game of basketball. Now this game I'm referring to is the Duke vs. UNC game....I guess it is one of the biggest rivalries in North Carolina and people really get amped up for it! This includes my neighbor whose house I was at when the pre game show came on, normally I would not think twice before changing the channel when basketball comes on, but it was not my TV. So during this pre-game I heard a comment that ultimately prompted me to type this post...."I know they have a big one up in Ann Arbor and Columbus, but Duke vs.UNC is the biggest rivalry in all of sports!" All right Mr. Basketball analyst, now your stomping on hallowed ground. (By the way if ya'll don't know I'm from Michigan, and a HUGE UofM football fan) I can't believe that someone would say that there is any rivalry bigger then the Michigan/Ohio State game...because quite frankly there isn't!!! I don't remember who said it, maybe that whack job Dick Vitel, it doesn't matter really, cause they're wrong. Quite honestly I never knew Duke vs. UNC was such a big game until this past week, but I guarantee a lot more people know about at least a few of the 104 meetings between the 2 football powerhouses!
Heres a quote I found that sums it up:

In honor of the 100th meeting between the schools in 2003, US Representative Stephanie Tubbs Jones of Ohio proposed a resolution in the House to recognize Michigan and Ohio State as the "greatest sports rivalry in history." [10]
(By the way the proposition passed)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Just Starting Out

Anyone who knows me would know that I'm not quite too savvy when it comes to the computer. Yeah, I can check email, use word, look at YouTube videos, and of course play solitaire. However I've never really gotten into the "blogging" thing, but Becky (wifey) really seems to enjoy it and so do all of our friends and family that read it. Now I have decided to try my hand at this endeavor and see what all the hype is about. I don't have a plan, or any certain criteria I want to blog about, I just want to talk about whatever the hell I is MY blog. Hope ya'll enjoy. More to come soon.